Music Industry Professionals

"What an incredible group! What does a guy have to do to follow an act like that — set his beard on fire??"
Valdy - Panorama Music Fest 2005

"Live or on disc, The Wheat in the Barley is an altogether superior ensemble. Folk, world, jazz, a little funk, reggae and Cajun, all co-exist peacefully and passionately on their latest CD, Can't Draw The Curtain. There are few bands that can move from a traditional Celtic tune to a Yiddish theatre gem, to a Blue Rodeo cover, to more-than-solid originals. These folks can. With one foot in the tradition and the other somewhere in the future, The Wheat In The Barley keeps getting better and better. This is music to make you exercise your feet and your brain!"
Gary Cristall - Artistic Director (1978 – 1994), Vancouver Folk Music Festival
Music Officer (1994 – 2000), Canada Council For The Arts

"The Wheat In The Barley blend their many musical grains into a very hearty meal indeed. They bring the rural dance music of many cultures together and sprinkle them liberally with songs of working people and their pioneering exploits, stirring them up with excellent musicianship and creative arrangements."
Steve Edge - Artistic Director Rogue Folk Club, Vancouver, BC

"…I was thrilled with the way they moved the audience …They are wonderfully talented musicians with amazing energy…"
Ann Mortifee

"What a magical evening! …The Wheat in the Barley are an incredibly talented and entertaining musical group…"
Dave Chesney - Now Newspaper, Surrey, BC

"The Wheat in the Barley are absolutely one of the very best groups I have heard in recent years. A great mixture of both original and traditional songs, plus outstanding instrumentals from the Celtic countries, Eastern Europe, Latin America and more, all performed with great virtuosity on a huge range of wind, string and percussion instruments."
Denis McMaster - President, Rocky Mountain Folk Club, Calgary

"... I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing from the four musicians on stage. What a fantastic show! ... Lots of great folk music from coast to coast ... I would love to hear The Wheat in The Barley again!"
Wayne Kennedy - Arts Jasper Society

"The Wheat in the Barley was one of the most exciting groups ever to come to our community. The load-in and sound check were professionally executed, their performance was enjoyable, and their funky Celtic folk blend was received with great enthusiasm by our audience. Try the 'Wheaties', you'll like them!"
Gerry Bourassa - Neutral Hills Arts Alive Assn, Consort, AB