St. James Hall Restoration Project

This gem of a community hall is an all-ages venue, a hub for many community activities, and is notable for being one of the only active music venues in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. In 2015, the future of Vancouver's St. James Hall was in jeopardy, as the non-profit community centre that houses the venue went up for sale. Signatures were collected via petition, and as a result the city of Vancouver stepped in to purchase and protect the venue. However, the hall needs major repairs to keep it going strong for many years to come – a new roof, a new floor, ventilation system upgrade, accessibility improvements and more.

Your attendance will improve the longevity of the hall, and will directly benefit the local arts and activities community! Invite your friends and family, and help sustain a Vancouver neighbourhood icon. Two dollars from each ticket purchased for our concert will be going toward the restoration fund.

St James Hall